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Boutique Hearing is revolutionizing the business of audiology by bringing the “boutique” to you. By definition, “boutique” is a small business that offers customized services—and we do just that. Boutique Hearing tailors everything from a hearing test to a hearing instrument fitting and follow-up services to fit your lifestyle.

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Boutique Hearing Strives to Deliver…


At Boutique Hearing, we bring the office to our clients. For some, this means less missed work. For others, it means independence as they do not need to rely on friends and family for transportation. For all, this means less stress and more time for you.


We strive to provide the best hearing solutions for our clients. Fitting a hearing instrument in an environment where it will be used allows for the most accurate programming and eliminates much of the unknown.


Boutique Hearing is unlike any other audiology clinic; we customize hearing instrument fittings to meet your needs. We also offer several service tiers so you can choose the plan that best serves you.

Our Clients Say It Best...

“I met Barbara to pick out and order hearing aids. Barbara is a consummate professional. She is extremely understanding, caring and patient. Her interpersonal skills are excellent. Barbara treated me as if I were a family member. At the conclusion of the meeting I told Barbara, ‘I feel as if I won the lottery when you took my case.’ Now, several years later, I still feel as if I am a family member when I visit Barbara.”
-Jim K.

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